[Webinar]: Single Source Publishing in STE - Integration of HyperSTE in Madcap Flare

前两天才在博文里面说到HyperSTE集成到Madcap Flare可以高效的进行术语管理,更好的统一文档中用词和表达,本来还想着什么时候去尝试一下,而今天就看到了在June 20, 2013有一个由Etteplan 和Madcap主办的免费的Webinar.

自己已经注册了,希望到时候可以有时间去听听。不知道HyperSTE是不是真的可以方便的将一个公司自己的术语库或是writing styles导入工具。



In this webinar we'll introduce the capability of Simplified Technical English (STE) authoring in Madcap Flare Version 9. Using HyperSTE and Flare together, authors now have a powerful platform for developing content in STE once and then delivering it in the format and language of readers’ choice.

You'll learn how STE creates clarity, conciseness, and consistency in writing, stimulates the (global) acceptance of information as it improves readability and translatability, prevents misunderstandings and misinterpretations, and how STE is tailor made for the smaller screens of mobile devices.

We'll also discuss:

  • How STE has enabled multi-national companies to trim their translation costs by up to 30%.

  • How companies use STE to optimize how they deliver content to their customers, partners and employees.

  • How HyperSTE supports STE content development by providing rich, comprehensive functionality for checking content grammar, terminology and style.


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  1. Winni 的头像 Winni 说:
    Etteplan 10月份会有HyperSTE和Simplified Technical English的seminar; 楼主要是有兴趣,可以联系我,我可以发邀请给你~
    Dan 于 2013-9-11 15:35:04 回复
    谢谢你 Winni。一直对 STE 有兴趣。只是不知道 seminar 的时间和地点,如果合适,当然有兴趣。:)
  2. aya 的头像 aya 说:
    ASD-STE100 相关的writing style guide or writing rules 是否有教材,书籍等资料出售?在web上搜索不到相关STE的书籍。想提高technical writing skill 如何是好。
    Dan 于 2015/2/25 17:41:46 回复
    Hi Aya, STE的specification是免费的。你可以在这里获取:http://www.asd-ste100.org/request.html
    aya 于 2015/2/26 9:46:11 回复
    谢谢博主 。我已经按照这个网址上的要求发出了spec request,等待回复中:)
    aya 于 2015/2/26 12:40:09 回复
    谢谢博主。已按地址中的要求发送spec request,等待回复中:)